Teruce Nyangasi

Teacher Teruce Nyangasi is the music  teacher at Bridge, Nyamataro. Here is what she had to say concerning the role of co-curricular activities at Bridge.

“The Pupils became sharp, confident, creative. They were able to express themselves and in the process their language is improving. Other parents and pupils who are not from Bridge are now attracted to our school because of our co-curricular activities.”

The Pupils From Bridge, Nyamataro performed a Kipsigis dance known as ‘a happy dance’. They wore red and yellow colours to remain authentic to that culture.

For Teruce, the experience was new, even exciting. It was not easy as the competition was quite stiff but with passion and sacrifice, she was able to push her pupils who took the dance to the National level and finished fourth in their category. “Next year, we want to be number one. I can’t wait!” she beams.