Tom Munyasia

Meet Tom Munyasia, Academy Manager at Bridge Mishoromoroni in Mombasa County. Thirty-years-old, he says he joined Bridge because of the unique teaching mode: “I loved the way Bridge was changing the lives of children by giving them the best weapon in life, education,” he says.

Tom is a teacher by vocation, he explains: “I love teaching, it is a calling that I cannot resist. It feels great when I see my pupils who’ve gone through my hands excel and join great high schools. That assures me I have helped the pupil secure a great future.” Although his job now is an academy manager, Tom also does a small amount of teaching for Classes 7 & 8—he loves it too much to give it up!

While he’s already made great progress, Tom says that the work doesn’t stop there. He’s determined to continue to make improvements in his school, and wants to partner with community members and stakeholders so they can contribute too. “We are who we are today because of what we were yesterday,” Tom advises, “So we should prepare to be what we want to be tomorrow. Education is the best way.”