Vincent Kaguli

Meet Teacher Vincent Kaguli from Bridge, Tuwani. His inspiration to become a teacher started years back when he was in primary school himself. “My mentor was my mathematics teacher and unlike most people who used to fear their mathematics teachers, my teacher was quite approachable and loved interacting with his pupils. That alone made me want to become a teacher and to be specific, a mathematics teacher.

“I have learnt and gained a lot of experience over the years by interacting with pupils, teachers and parents and with that, I’m confident that I can even work anywhere in Kenya,” he says.

He loves being a teacher at Bridge because of its unique way of teaching. He explains: “My job is made easier by the guide and all of the support I get from my academy manager, area supervisor and everyone at Bridge.”

He adds: “My pupils are quite active in class and are always eager to learn more things that motivates him as a teacher.”