Vivian Awour

Meet Teacher Vivian Awour from Bridge Academy, Usenge in Kenya.

Teacher Vivian is the music teacher. Here is what she had to say concerning the role of co-curricular activities in education at Bridge.

“Co-curricular activities are important because it helps the children to be confident, speak well and improves their word pronunciation.”

The pupils at her school recently performed a choral set verse at the national music festivals in Nairobi, having qualified at the County-level. The poem was entitled Mapeni which was about encouraging pupils to love school and not money because education is good, and has true value.

Teacher Vivian loved her experience and she is looking forward to next year’s competition. She concludes, “It was very encouraging as we had a lot of support from the parents, the other teachers and even Bridge’s social media—it felt like the whole world was watching us.”