Morris Otieno


32-year-old Morris Otieno has been a teacher at Bridge Mjini in Bungoma County for the past 10 years! Morris currently teaches class 8 and he says he has prepared them well enough to excel in their KCPE exams. “I love teaching because anytime my pupils perform well and transition to National High Schools and top Universities I get satisfaction.” Says Morris.

One thing Morris loves about Bridge is their teaching techniques and the use of cheers to motivate pupils. He says one of the favorite techniques he learned during the teacher training at Bridge was the “Narrating the positive technique.” “Narrating the positive technique is used to recognize a pupil whenever they do something good in class. I love it because it helps pupils feel good about themselves and it also boosts their self-esteem because they feel their efforts are noticed and appreciated.”

While narrating the positive he loves using a cheer called the “super cheer” because it is fun and lets the pupil being acknowledged know that they are smart, valued, celebrated, and awesome. Paul says the teacher training he underwent through at Bridge helped him gain more confidence and improve his teaching skills. “From the training, I learned how to deal with all types of pupils because if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.” Says Morris.

Paul urges parents to enrol their children at Bridge because it offers individualized attention to pupils, it cares and nurtures pupils’ talents, it creates more disciplined and confident pupils and above all our success has been proven for the past 6 years. Click here to enrol