Paul Okal

Meet 35-year-old Paul Okal from Kiembeni who is an Academy Manager at Bridge Kiembeni, Mombasa County. Paul says one thing he loves about being an academy manager is the fact that it gives him an opportunity to learn how to lead a team while at the same time working with the team to ensure pupils succeed. “As an academy manager, I am in charge of the daily operations of the school, and knowing there are pupils looking up to me I try my best not to disappoint.” He says. 

Paul says he has a child at the Bridge school he runs and he can confidently say that the Bridge teaching system works. “Apart from being an academy manager here I have a child who is currently in grade two and I can say I have personally witnessed them improve academically with every passing day. “ He says.

According to Paul Bridge has committed and motivated teachers who give it their best to see pupils do well. “Ever since I joined Bridge I can attest to it that it transforms lives. Parents who have been with us can also confirm the notion that Bridge changes lives.” He concludes.