Rahab Wandia

Meet Rahab Wandia, a parent at Bridge Kinoo, Kiambu County. Rahab has two children at Bridge one in Grade 5 and the other in Grade 7. Rahab enroled her children at Bridge two years ago after moving places. Her search to find a good school that could meet her budget was at first difficult.

“When we moved here, I had to find an affordable school that could see my children perform well but it’s difficult to find one because the school is either too expensive or the quality of education is not good.” Says Rahab

Her search came to an end when a friend of hers told her about a small school in the heart of Kinoo, Bridge Academy. She visited the school and said she met the academy manager who was very friendly and explained to her everything she needed to know about the school.

She then made a decision to enrol her children and she says it is one of the best decisions she has ever made. “Bridge has very friendly teachers who are keen on engaging parents by holding several parent meetings to have a one-on-one conversation with them and get to learn about their child’s academic progress.” Says Rahab.

Rahab also adds that the school fee is very affordable and parents who are looking for a primary school in Kinoo that offers academic excellence at an affordable cost should consider enrolling their children at the school or go to one of the “Bring a friend events” that Bridge offers once in a while where children get to learn in the school a whole day for free, then they can make their decision.

“I have seen my children’s performance improve ever since they joined the school, and I am hopeful that when the time comes for them to sit for their KCPE exams they will make me proud.” Says Rahab.