Ruth Kinywa

26 year old Ruth Kinywa is a PP1 teacher at Bridge Kanzandani in Mombasa County. Ruth says she enjoys teaching the young ones because it is one of the most crucial stages of a child’s development. Ruth says the Bridge training she underwent before she started teaching prepared her to be a better teacher.

I loved the Bridge training because I got to learn so many things, from how to engage pupils, motivate them, make the classes lively, offer personalized attention to every pupil among so many other things. Says Ruth.

She says she loves teaching because she enjoys interacting with children and getting to see them grow in all aspects of their lives gives her joy. “Children are amazing humans, their curious minds and willingness to learn motivates me to keep going to work everyday.” Says Ruth.

Ruth adds that one of the things that her pupils love is the use of cheers. Bridge Kenya uses cheers to motivate, encourage or congratulate pupils. One of her favourite cheers is the Roller coaster cheer. “While at the Bridge training, I really did not see the importance of cheers but after putting them into practice during my lessons, I have noticed how effective they are in ensuring pupils remain engaged, feel motivated and desire to work even harder and perform better.” Says Ruth.

She adds that the Bridge teaching system is one of the best since all her lessons are planned prior to her classes, it makes it easy for her to know what is expected and what time she needs to cover each lesson. “I enjoy working at Bridge because our efforts are seen through the good performance of our pupils especially in the KCPE Exams.” She concludes.