Sally Akinyi

Meet Sally Akinyi a Grade 6 pupil who lives around Mukuru- Kwa Reuben. It is among the most impoverished communities in the region but that does not stop Sally from following her dreams. She goes to Bridge Academy, Kwa Reuben- Nairobi. Sally says her favorite subject is math and science because she loves playing with numbers and is drawn to understanding how the world works.

She says during the covid-19 times’ things were tough because she did not have access to teachers. “It was really tough when we had to close schools for a long period of time because if there was something I could not understand I did not have anyone to approach. I am however grateful to Bridge because of the home learning activities they provided on their website.” She says

She believes the home learning guides helped with keeping her busy and ensured she was still mentally engaged. Beyond classwork Sally loves football, it is her way of unwinding after a long day of school work. Her mum is a Saloonist while her dad sells snacks such as crisps and biscuits, etc. “Things are tough at home because my parents live from hand to mouth but I am glad they still manage to pay for my school fees.” Says Sally.

When she grows up she wants to be a Saloonist just like her mum. “During my free time I spend time in my mum’s salon and I love to see her making people beautiful. When I grow up I hope I will run a huge saloon that celebrities will visit.” She concludes.