Tereza Awino Ogolla

Meet teacher Tereza, a grade 5 teacher at Bridge Kiserian in Kajiado County who has been a teacher at Bridge for 3 years. Tereza teaches Sciences, CRE, and Creative Arts. Tereza believes that the transformation of education begins with teachers because teachers have a better understanding of how to interact with pupils.

“As a teacher, you are responsible for instilling knowledge into the minds of these little young ones. I have learned to be observant with my pupils to know the slow learners and fast learners. It is necessary to note that everyone has different capabilities and once you identify these you can group them differently and know where to add more effort.”

As we celebrate World Teachers day it is important to note that teachers have certain skills that are necessary to become a good teachers. One of the biggest skills Tereza believes a teacher should have is patience.

“Pupils come from different backgrounds, they have different learning capabilities, they have different personalities meaning you have to know each pupil individually. At times you will have to repeat something a couple of times for a certain pupil to get it. If you are not a patient person then you will most likely give up.” She says.

One thing that motivates Tereza to become a teacher is the fact that she enjoys working with children. “Children can make a dull day seem bright, I might have had a stressful night but when I get to class in the morning and a child runs to hug me shouting my name simply brightens my day.” Concludes Triza.

It is important to celebrate teachers because they are like surrogate mothers to our children. A child spends more time in school than at home and the least we can do on this day is say thank you.