Tracy Chepchumba


Tracy Chepchumba is a 14-year-old recent Bridge alumni from bottom line Kangemi. She has been a pupil at Bridge Gichagi in Nairobi County for the past 3 years. Tracy comes from a community that is poverty-stricken and most of the children around her neighborhood rarely go to school.

While at school her favorite subject is Science because she would love to be an entomologist when she grows up. “I want to study insects because most insects spread diseases so I would want to know how they spread the virus and most probably come up with a cure on how to reduce the spread.” Says Tracy.

Tracy who has been the head girl in her school says she has been able to enhance her leadership skills by getting the opportunity to lead her fellow pupils. She currently lives with her sister in Nairobi since her parents are retired and currently live in their rural home. 

“Bridge has helped me improve, when I joined in Grade 6, the first exam we did I got 120 marks and I was the last one in my class. After a few months, I improved tremendously and right now I score 350 marks and above in every exam.” Says Tracy.

Tracy tells parents that Bridge is a genuine school that actually wants to see pupils perform well. “I am a testimony of what Bridge can do because I have seen firsthand improvement in my academic performance. “ Concludes Tracy.