Victor Mramba

Victor Msafiri is a 2015 Bridge Alumni who was born in September 2000 in Mnarani village, Kilifi County. He grew up as one of the five children, in an impoverished neighbourhood on the cliffs of Mnarani that overlook the plains of northern Kilifi. Growing up in a poverty stricken community was heartbreaking. When Victor attained school-going age, his dad who works as a local chef enrolled him in a nearby primary school.

However, when he got to the school, it was far from what he anticipated. “Teachers did not show up in school, and when they did, they just gossiped around instead of teaching. Struggling to learn anything or make any progress in school, I felt like teachers and the school system had ganged up against me and my friends.” Says Victor.

He went through this agony for over 7 years but his big break came after his dad enrolled him in a new school that was making buzz in the area for using technology to teach at an affordable cost for the families in his community. For Victor, a gateway to success had just opened. The school was Bridge Mnarani Academy in Kilifi County. 

“Bridge unleashed the potential in me. My performance in class improved terrifically; I was able to do the things that had escaped me previously. In contrast to my former school, at Bridge, I flourished. ” He says. Victor sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams in 2015 and managed to score 402 marks! Fast forward Victor joined Kenyatta High School Mwatate  a boys’ national school that admits top performing pupils from all the 47 counties in Kenya. “All the students who are admitted in the school are top performers, which makes learning very competitive. It is a game of equal among peers,” remarks Victor. 

Victor passed his O-levels, with a mean score of A minus in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, he was accepted to study law at Kenyatta University. “Higher education would likely not be a part of our family’s present situation, or future endeavors, had it not been for the influence of Bridge. Law is a fascinating career. I know I have the enthusiasm, capacity and the open mind needed to succeed in such a fulfilling vocation. I am deeply committed to a profession in the legal system, as I pay much interest to issues that affect today’s society.” He concludes. Click here to read more.