Vincent Juma

Vincent Juma is the Academy Manager at Bridge Kingstone, Nairobi. He joined Bridge in the year 2015 and has been diligently serving pupils with a lot of love and care. Before joining Bridge, he used to work as a HR professional.

Vincent has showcased his impeccable leadership skills for the 6 years he has been working at Bridge. “I have always loved leadership and I believe being a true leader is about understanding that leadership is not about us but about those we serve. It is not about exalting ourselves but about uplifting.” He says. 

When he joined Bridge he was not sure how running a school would be like but he says working with a team that is committed and devoted makes it simple for him. “My role at Bridge has been made easier because the teachers I lead are self motivated, they love what they do and I don’t always have to push them to deliver. “ Says Vincent.

One of his proudest moments is when Bridge Kingstone was among the top schools in his region. “Working at Bridge gives me so much fulfillment because I get to see pupils who join Bridge as below average pupils but right now they are students at top universities pursuing STEM courses.” He says.

For Vincent working at Bridge has been a life changing experience for him because he has learnt how to appreciate growth and change. “I love how Bridge changes lives through providing quality education to children from marginalized communities.” He concludes.