Zipporah Kivindio

Meet Zipporah Kivindio from Sinai in Nairobi County. She is a grandparent of a pupil in grade 4 at Bridge Academy Sinai. She says she was inspired by the exemplary performance of Bridge pupils and their discipline thus enrolling her grandchild at Bridge. 

I have always been inspired by the KCPE and the general performance of Bridge pupils. When Caleb became of age I enrolled him at Bridge because I knew he would get standard education at an affordable price.

Zipporah says that she has observed an improvement in the performance of his grandchild since enrolling him at Bridge.

When I was enroled Caleb at Bridge, he didn’t know how to read or write but after two years of learning at Bridge, Caleb could read, write and also express himself in English. I have also observed an improvement in his behaviour. He is now more confident and discplined. 

In an interview during the PP2 graduation ceremony in Sinai, Zipporah attributed the performance of her grandchild and Bridge pupils to Bridge teachers.

The great performance of my grandchild and Bridge pupils in general has been due to the hard work and determination of Bridge teachers who are dedicated to teaching and following up on each pupil’s performance to know their level of  comprehension and their weak areas so that they can put more effot in areas where they seem to be failing. 

Bridge Kenya believes that an excellent education foundation coupled with dedicated, strong trained, and empowered teachers sets pupils up for their future success. Because of such foundations, parents like Zipporah can proudly say that Bridge has had a great impact on the performance of their children and confidently refer other parents to become part of the Bridge family.